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Graceful Wicked Masque [Errata]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:03 pm
by coranis
Come già detto il team delle errata è al lavoro sul manuale dei fatati, per renderlo u gioco più facilmente integrabile nella creazione, e non una sorta di gioco a parte.
Ecco i primi spoiler:

The Raksha Body

The bodies the raksha weave for themselves are rare and wondrous things—but still bodies. Raksha in the Wyld are immune to all petty environmental concerns such as poison, hunger, the need to breathe, and so forth, unless such deprivations are forced on them by the acts of the Creation-born. Raksha historians enjoy repeating the cautionary tale of Jaiji-Ran the Unmoving, who swore not to breathe for three hundred years and three hundred days. After two centuries and forty years in which his chest did not stir, he met the Lunar Exalt known as Storm-Breaker Yu, who strangled him to death.

Raksha in Creation face a wider range of restrictions. Their bodies do not age, and they need not eat or drink, though most raksha enjoy doing both. The Essence-charged miracle that is their body is immune to mundane disease. They may still be poisoned, however, and must breathe unless they possess magic which allows them to avoid doing so. They heal from injury as the Exalted do.

Fair Folk Artifact Background

Most of the “artifacts” purchased through this background are the wonders of faerie—adjurations, behemoths, oneiromantic spells and treasures. This Background may be used to gain the sort of artifacts used by the Creation-born, but the raksha may buy no more dots of such artifacts than her rating in the Background. For example, a raksha with Artifact 3 could spend three of her seven artifact dots acquiring a grand daiklave, or two dots on a daiklave and one on a jade chain shirt.

From the Bestial Visage tree:

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
Bestial Transformation

Cost: 6m, 1wp; Type: Simple

Keywords: Combo-OK, Glamour (2 or 3), Obvious, Shaped-Only

Duration: Indefinite

This Charm functions as Elemental Transformation, save that the raksha disguises himself as the animal his Bestial Visage is based on, rather than as an elemental. He may speak in any language he knows while wearing this form. He also gains the permanent ability to communicate with animals of the type his Bestial Visage is based on.

Oneiromancy Benefit: This Charm may be incorporated into inward-facing dreams for two points, or outward-facing glamours for three points. Outward-facing glamours transform characters who undertake a certain sort of action specified during the creation of the spell into animals for one day per dot of the lorekeeper’s Essence.

From the Serenity tree:

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
Howling Dream Consumption Prana (Dreaming)

Keywords: Combo-basic, Echo, Shaping

Duration: One tale

Howling Dream Consumption Prana (Waking)

Cost: —; Type: Permanent

Keywords: Echo

Duration: Permanent

The Fair Folk believe they understand the value the Creation-born place upon those ties that bind one heart to another—they are useful and delicious, after all. The raksha may reflexively consume any Intimacy she has retained for at least one full story or tale, converting it into one point of Willpower and one point of gossamer.

From the Virtue-Shaping tree:

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
Chaotic Soul Sledgehammer

Cost: 3m; Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Combo-OK, Glamour (9), Shaping

Duration: Instant

Prerequisite Charms: Unsightly Rigor Approach

Replace the text of the Charm with the following:

The raksha’s insights into the nature of Virtue now permit her to strike a mighty blow at the very root of her enemy’s nature. This Charm may supplement a physical attack, social attack, or Cup-shaping attack. If successful, in addition to any of its other effects, the attack strips away of the target’s all channels of a single Virtue of the raksha’s choice, and imposes a -1 external penalty to all rolls made using that Virtue for one scene, or one tale if delivered via a Cup-shaping attack.

Oneiromantic benefit: Incorporated into an outward-facing glamour, this Charm attempts to launch a Cup-shaping attack (even in Creation) once per scene against each character within its range of effect who takes a certain pre-defined action.

From the Ring Shaping tree:

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
Twisting Serpent Shape (Dreaming)

Keywords: Combo-OK, Echo, Shaping

Twisting Serpent Shape (Waking)

Cost: 3m, 1g; Type: Reflexive

Keywords: Combo-OK, Echo

Duration: Instant

The raksha find the intoxicants and deadly venoms of Creation quaint next to the heart-poisons and limitless fantasies of the Wyld. Still, at times these substances may inconvenience the Princes of Chaos with paltry annoyances such as distraction, disorientation, and death. To avoid such nuisances, the raksha may activate this Charm, nullifying a Poison effect currently afflicting him. Doing so creates a small fruit of some sort in the raksha’s hand—the specific form varies from raksha to raksha, with some faeries creating pomegranates while others favor apples or pears. Any individual who eats this fruit will become afflicted by the Poison effect the raksha purged from his system. If the raksha cannot convince anyone to eat the fruit within one day, it vanishes, and the Poison re-enters his system. The raksha cannot use this Charm to remove the same Poison effect twice.

From the Sword Shaping tree:

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE
Host-Summoning Glory of Command (Dreaming)

Cost: — (1m); Type: Permanent

Keywords: Echo, Shaping

Duration: Permanent

The raksha may pay one mote to reflexively draw and ready and Sword or Staff-shaping weapon in her possession at any time.

Host-Summoning Glory of Command (Waking)

Cost: — (1m); Type: Permanent

Keywords: Echo, Obvious

The raksha forges pale ephemera to attend to the mortal tedium required for battle in Creation. At any time the raksha may spend one mote to reflexively draw and ready any weapon or other object in her possession; when she does so, tiny, glowing Wyld figments appear, quickly retrieving the desired object and conveying it to the raksha’s waiting hand. With Essence 3+ the raksha may also activate this Charm at a cost of one gossamer to retrieve any object she owns from within (Essence x 2) yards, conjuring tiny servants or luminous ephemera to bring the object back to her.

The Curse of Forgetfulness

The Curse of Forgetfulness is not associated with any Virtues, and has no associated Lures. It may be inflicted on Fair Folk if their Way Grace becomes the possession of another.

Victims of this curse live devoid of context—they remember who they are, but not where they have been or where they are going. When the Curse begins, the raksha loses the ability to form new long-term memories. She remembers everything as normal up until the scene in which the Curse was inflicted, at which point her memories cease, resuming at the beginning of the current scene or tale. Once the current scene or tale ends, the raksha promptly forgets everything that happened during it, though she retains any new Intimacies and is bound by any oaths sworn. Because it may only be externally imposed by another character or by destruction of the character’s Way, the Curse of Forgetfulness will not abate on its own; the raksha may only begin forming memories once again when her Grace’s owner lifts the Curse, or when she restores a destroyed Way.

Graces as Artifacts

Raksha never have to pay to attune to their own Graces in order to establish ownership of them. But what if a raksha forges her Grace into an artifact?

The raksha must attune to the artifact to enjoy its benefits as an artifact. For example, if she turns her Ring into a curdling dream bow, the curdling dream bow remains her Ring, and will function as her Ring without requiring any commitment. However, if she is to wield its power as a treasure, she must attune to it as normal.

Normally, when a raksha is slain, her borne Graces shatter. This includes any Graces forged into Wyld artifacts. However, Wyld artifacts forged from raksha with Heart 4+ endure beyond the death of their bearers. It is common for young or bored Fair Folk to venture off into the depths of rakshastan or Creation in search of legendary lost treasures forged from the Graces of deceased luminaries among their kind. The greatest of these fabled prizes is the Triumph Casque of Sorrows—a treasure of near-limitless power, reputedly able to serve as a weapon against which no defense is possible. The Casque was allegedly forged from the Ring Grace of Prince Balor himself.

Encouraging Futile Struggle (Dreaming)

Keywords: Combo-basic, Echo, Shaping

Encouraging Futile Struggle (Waking)

Cost: —; Type: Permanent

Keywords: Echo

Duration: Permanent

Once a character has fallen into the raksha’s tangled web, they may never truly be free again. The raksha’s social attacks ignore two points of the MDVs of any target she has ever fed from using a Feeding Charm that permanently removes traits, such as Ravishing the Created Form or Soul-Consuming Hunger.

Re: Graceful Wicked Masque [Errata]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:10 pm
by coranis
Lo status attuale dei lavori dicono: Charms praticamente finiti, manca la parte sugli unshaped.
E praticamente OGNI charm fa qualcosa nella Creazione.
Un altro grande cambiamento saranno le varie resistenze agli effetti glamour (malia) contro le creature della Creazione, che spariranno. I poteri degli charm fatati combatteranno contro le varie normali MDV, senza aggiungere ulteriori meccaniche al mucchio.

Inoltre ci sarà la possibilità per i personaggi nati nella Creazione di avere dei punti di Grazia, il più importante Background dei fatati, che ne descrive la natura e quantifica e limita i suo poteri.

Re: Graceful Wicked Masque [Errata]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:53 pm
by Vanphanel
beh,non rimane che da aspettare la fine dei lavori,allora...così magari potrò integrare quel manuale...certo che,ormai,veramente siamo sulla strada di una nuova edizione... :shock: