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 Read Schermo del Narratore 2.0
Exalted.pngExalted Second Edition Storytellers Screen

Take a Look at the Full Face Panels of the Storyteller's Screen
Exalted Second Edition Storyeteller's Screen releases April 3rd. This deluxe screen follows the tradition of the new World of Darkness screens in that it is a thick, sturdy standalone screen. The Exalted Second Edition Storyteller's Screen features artwork from the Exalted Second Edition core rulebook, including the signature Age of Sorrows circle of Solars, their First Age counterparts and the map of the world of Exalted. The Storyteller's side of the screen features handy rules charts and quick reference information for the game.

Survey Your World Like the Gods Would
The Exalted may war for the destiny of mankind, but who will win if they don’t know the rules? Even the most powerful Exalted need some guidance once in a while.

Branded Merchandise for Exalted
The Exalted Second Edition Storyteller Screen brings together the most important rules for this expansive update onto one easy-to-use tool. This sturdy cardboard hardcover screen allows Exalted Storytellers access to many of the new rules at a simple glance.

This product will be in stock on Monday 03 April, 2006. $ 14,99

Postato Martedi 14 Marzo 2006 - 22:19

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